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Homescreens are boring and dumb. My goal is to eliminate the boring
and make them do more for everyone.




Bring everything you need right to your homescreen! Gradjent is a highly customizable preset that focuses on productivity.


DashCards is one of a kind, multi preset pack that brings note-taking right to your home screen with its free Companion app.


The darkest KLWP preset with OLEDbuddy score of 97.7%. Minimus comes with 2, versatile presets that are highly customizable and is completely free to use.


Icon Pack


Reev Pro

Minimalist outline based icon pack for Android with over 1,300 icons, 100+ wallpapers and 30 KWGT widgets. Reev Pro is updated every week with new content.

Companion for DashCards


DashNotes is a local note-taking app that makes note-taking with Kustom apps, a seamless experience. Use the note widget from DashCards & bring it to your own theme!

Other Projects

Theme projects made for contests, charities, tributes etc.

Memento Mori

In tribute to Unus Annus , I designed a minimalist theme that counts down to 1 year. You can set your own custom time through a global.


A unique concept theme I designed for a monthly r/AndroidThemes contest. Featuring a very early version of my icon pack Reev Pro.

OneUI 2.0

Back when OneUI 2 was not even released, I created a simple multi-page KLWP preset for easy access to apps without making any clutter.

Big Picture

Become a true Gamer by bringing Steam's big picture mode to your android home screen. Customize it to you own liking with tons of globals for you to play with.

Winner of r/AndroidThemes' Aug 2020 contest.

Another Dream

A theme based on the vaporwave music aesthetic. The theme also has a glitchy background and Windows 95 style music player for the ultimate nostalgia.

Winner of r/AndroidThemes' Feb 2021 contest.

Themes For Australia

An initative, created by myself & Charlee Designs to raise funds & awareness for the Australian wildfires. Donators received themes from 6 creators. With the help of the small theming community, we raised over $600!